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We introduce india’s first crime news base news portal .  Ever since man started to read and write, he might have started to exchange news and views. Since then man might have started to propagate and share his thoughts and views about his family, society, tribe, state and his country. With the change and passage of time, journalism developed and progressed.. Journalism was not confined to mere exchange of news instead became the main medium for exchange of ideas and views. Today the entire world is limited to the ‘click’ button to access the internet. Now, when several incidents in the world are taking place every moment and these incidents make news the world over. We felt the necessity to gather or compile all such news and events at a place where everybody may have accessibility hence we started

As the present scenario of fetching information is changing rapidly, internet is the biggest and the most popular medium in the entire world as well as India. Today the whole world is accessible on internet. Our effort is to provide our readers with the latest news and article on world affairs and social events of their interest through

What is CRIME STREET JOURNAL? is a reputed and authentic Delhi based news portal and exclusive agency having correspondents in all the states  of India. is co venture  of GENESIS MEDIA (P) LTD. it is delhi based film production house.

crime street journal  plan gain popularity with a very short time among knowledge seekers and youngsters for vast range of articles on different subjects written by experts. These experts who commit contribute to comprise of politicians, journalists, bureaucrats, political analysts crime expert and economists.